• Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket - Standard Neck Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket - Standard Neck
  • Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket - Standard Neck #1 Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket - Standard Neck #1

Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket - Standard Neck

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Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 57" 1

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Waterproof and breathable to keep your horse warm.

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  • Fabric Details: Strong 420D/210D Denier out shell
  • Lining Details: 210T polyester lining
  • Filling: 100g/200g/300g
  • Stable rug with a channel quilted finish
  • Adjustable twin chest straps
  • Low cross surcingles
  • Side gussets to provide free movement
  • Adjustable & removable elastic leg straps

US sizes: 54""/57""/60""/63""/66""/69""/72""/75""/78""/81""/84""


  • Measuring for a perfect fit
  • To assure a proper fit, stand the horse squarely.

Using a flexible tape measure, start from the center of the horse’s chest and measure around the widest part of the horse’s shoulder, along the barrel and around the widest part of the hindquarter to the side of the tail.
If the measurement is in between the sizes, use the next highest measurement.

About Barnsby Equestrian

The name Barnsby is synonymous with the very best in equestrian products. Founded in 1793, the oldest saddlery company in the world is now offering a full range of premium fleeces and rugs

item specifications

Product Codes
  • SGBHR-1060 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 54"),
  • SGBHR-1061 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 57"),
  • SGBHR-1062 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 60"),
  • SGBHR-1063 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 63"),
  • SGBHR-1064 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 66"),
  • SGBHR-1065 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 69"),
  • SGBHR-1066 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 72"),
  • SGBHR-1067 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 75"),
  • SGBHR-1068 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 78"),
  • SGBHR-1069 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 81"),
  • SGBHR-1070 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Red 84"),
  • SGBHR-1140 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 54"),
  • SGBHR-1141 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 57"),
  • SGBHR-1142 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 60"),
  • SGBHR-1143 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 63"),
  • SGBHR-1144 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 66"),
  • SGBHR-1145 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 69"),
  • SGBHR-1146 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 72"),
  • SGBHR-1147 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 75"),
  • SGBHR-1148 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 78"),
  • SGBHR-1149 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 81"),
  • SGBHR-1150 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Red 84"),
  • SGBHR-1220 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 54"),
  • SGBHR-1221 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 57"),
  • SGBHR-1222 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 60"),
  • SGBHR-1223 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 63"),
  • SGBHR-1224 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 66"),
  • SGBHR-1225 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 69"),
  • SGBHR-1226 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 72"),
  • SGBHR-1227 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 75"),
  • SGBHR-1228 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 78"),
  • SGBHR-1229 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 81"),
  • SGBHR-1230 (Barnsby Stable Rug-210D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Red 84"),
  • SGBHR-1020 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 54"),
  • SGBHR-1021 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 57"),
  • SGBHR-1022 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 60"),
  • SGBHR-1023 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 63"),
  • SGBHR-1024 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 66"),
  • SGBHR-1025 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 69"),
  • SGBHR-1026 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 72"),
  • SGBHR-1027 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 75"),
  • SGBHR-1028 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 78"),
  • SGBHR-1029 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 81"),
  • SGBHR-1030 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-100g-w/out Neck-Black 84"),
  • SGBHR-1100 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 54"),
  • SGBHR-1101 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 57"),
  • SGBHR-1102 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 60"),
  • SGBHR-1103 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 63"),
  • SGBHR-1104 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 66"),
  • SGBHR-1105 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 69"),
  • SGBHR-1106 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 72"),
  • SGBHR-1107 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 75"),
  • SGBHR-1108 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 78"),
  • SGBHR-1109 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 81"),
  • SGBHR-1110 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-200g-w/out Neck-Black 84"),
  • SGBHR-1180 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 54"),
  • SGBHR-1181 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 57"),
  • SGBHR-1182 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 60"),
  • SGBHR-1183 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 63"),
  • SGBHR-1184 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 66"),
  • SGBHR-1185 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 69"),
  • SGBHR-1186 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 72"),
  • SGBHR-1187 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 75"),
  • SGBHR-1188 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 78"),
  • SGBHR-1189 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 81"),
  • SGBHR-1190 (Barnsby Stable Rug-420D Oxford-300g-w/out Neck-Black 84"),
Brand Barnsby

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